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Section 10, Chapter 5

World Wide Evidence
Of The Genesis Flood

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Evidence of Rapid Deposition in the
Internal Characteristics of Strata Sequences

The widespread physical similarity in the Cedar215 of strata in each sequence indicates that virtually identical conditions were prevalent laterally over broad areas. Sandstones and conglomerates, which form the basal and best preserved parts of many sequences indicate that widespread flood conditions once prevailed. Sequences are often thousands of feet in thickness with the coarsest material at the base progressively decreasing in coarseness toward the top.

Mountains Uplifted after Most Sedimentation

Many mountain ranges can be shown to have been uplifted after nearly all of the stratigraphic record was deposited.

"Underfed" Streams and Rivers

Global Evidence that most natural drainage systems drained off larger amounts of water at one time in the past.

Massive, Rapid Erosion

Evidenced of Massive Rapid Erosion at many locations worldwide, including the Grand Canyon.

Other evidences are Existence of great "plunge pools": created as torrents of flood water and mud plunged off the continents. Existence of submarine canyons. Waterlines: found on the coasts of every continent. Evidence from studies of smaller scale catastrophes: studies of modern floods, volcanic eruptions. Flood legends found throughout the world. The Genesis Record itself.

Continental Rupture and Expansion

Secular geophysicists recognize that there was time in the past when Pangea (the land mass before it was divided into the continents) and all of the continents were essentially together. Later Pangea ruptured into Gondwanaland, Laurasia, Africa and Antarctica.189 Finally the land masses broke up into the continents that we have today. The point is that at one time the continents were one and then broke up when the earth expanded. The pre-flood earth was about 90% of the size it is today.

A cubit is approximately 20.6". The cubit was a changing modem of measurement. it was based on the length of the first born of a Monarch or on the monarchs elbow to the tip of his index finger. Therefore the Ark was approximately 500 feet long, 86 feet wide and 52 feet high. It was made of Gopher190 wood which Dr. Baugh indicates was probably laminated wood rather than the name of a tree as is indicated in many lexicons.

Professor M.E. Clark, an expert in fluid dynamics, has shown that the pull of the moon creates a title bulge.191/30 This occurs every 12 hours on each side of the earth therefore creating another system of sedimentary deposits.

Walter D. Brown, PH.D., did an excellent work in which he gave a scenario of the granite crust of the earth with the interior of the earth concerning subterranean waters,192/32 if heated up enough would spew forth hot steam and mud. It is believed that during the time of the flood that the core of the earth was heated up which heated the subterranean waters which eventually broke the surface of the earth shooting up steam 70 miles high. The Firmament was ten miles above the earth and would be ruptured by these steam jets destroying it and causing it to collapse and come down upon the earth. This would result in a world wide flood.

Could a flood result in world wide destruction? In May of 1960 an earth quake in Chili caused waves to speed 10,000 miles in 24 hours which is a speed of 400 miles per hour.193/77 It resulted in sever damage in Japan, California, Alaska and all the way to New Zealand. The Krakatau Volcano explosion caused waves of 125 feet across the ocean from Japan, Australia and India. At Cape Horn the waves were still traveling at 500 miles per hour. 36,000 people were killed, 6,000 ships were destroyed, hundreds of villages in Indonesia were destroyed. All of this the result of one Volcanic eruption.

The flood was vary vary rapid.194/13-14 Is there any recording in current scientific literature that would suggest that it was genuine? Science News quoted Geology magazine in a work recently which stated that Permian shales and chert in British Columbia show shifts in the Carbon 13 and Carbon 14 isotope ratios and in decomposed plankton residue showing that they died suddenly within a few days.195

How is this possible? The Biblical record states in Psalm 146 that the Creator uttered His voice and the Earth melted. That is a context of world wide flood conditions. The inner core has decomposed and melted down to such a degree that there is now radioactive runaway.196/345 A few years ago we thought it was 6,000 degrees at the center of the earth. Now we know it to be 12,000 degrees, a thousand degrees hotter than the surface of the sun.357202, 197/107

The earth is like an egg in a specific way: Inside an egg we have water and fluids.198/31, 210/78 There is solid mass inside an egg.199/578 The entire background radiation of the universe is microwave level. If you put a single pin whole in an egg inside a microwave, something very special happens: The water molecules inside the egg begin to spin and jump around and something has to give. The egg cracks and the material inside oozes out from the opposite side of the egg from which the microwaves are focused.200/83, 201/20, 202/15

Imagine the Microwave energy entering the earth from one part of the earth. Cracks form all over the earth and on the opposite side eruptions occur. Geophysicists have recently found that there are two channels, older and younger, of surges of volcanic material and of radioactive material.203/309 The older probably of the days of the flood and the younger of the days of Peleg.

Walter T. Brown, PH.D., found that if you disturb the waters so that you start off a chain reaction, it ruptures the earth into continental divisions.204/70 It does not separate those continents, but it does rupture the earth in continental divisions,205/304 sends jets of water seventy miles high.108/79 The canopy was 10 miles above the earth.206/437-440 When the flood occurred, three things happened: The fountains of the great deep broke up because of the activities and disturbances of the waters generating extreme pressure and extreme heat,207/255 jets of water broke holes into the firmament which would cause the canopy to begin to collapse. The collapse at the poles would come in as ice.208 It would be moderated in other parts of the world into water resulting in rain for forty days and forty nights. The primary culprit is the expulsion of water under the continents themselves. It took 150 days for these waters to assuage. In the mean time you have sedimentary deposits covering the entire globe.

At this point the continents are ripped apart but not separated. A hundred years after the flood, 1,853 years after the creation of Adam and 2,147 years before the birth of Jesus Christ, In the days of Peleg,181 the great, great, great, great grandson of Noah, the earth divided as a result of the earth expanding as a result of the greater nuclear activity inside the earth which was a result of the firmament being removed which allowed destructive microwaves to come to the earth and into the earth, heating up the earth’s core and its resulting expansion. As the earth expanded, this forced one plate upon another resulting in the mountain ranges. Dinosaur tracts have been found going up the sides of mountains indicating the ridge had been forced up as a result of plate tectonic activity.209/93; 207/63-89, 161-166, 320-345; 359/14; 360/52; 361/101-104

In a recent Scientific American article, there is a schematic showing that during the mid cretaceous period there was a tremendous bulge of activity from the internal structure of the earth which resulted in the expansion of the earth.210/835-885; 211/3 Also in this article were given an excellent set of data showing the temperature rising at that time, the waters rising at that time, the mountains rising at that time, and magnetic reversals before and after that time as well as systematic reversals since that time.

Magnetic Field Reversals

Magnetic fields are involved in the magma flow. The Secular community claims that about every 700,000 years the magnetic field reverses. But new evidence documented in Earth and Planetary Science Letters212/292-298 indicate that there is evidence for a very rapid reversal of the magnetic fields taking place in 15 days, the time needed for a pool of molten lava to cool.213 Michael Aarate a scholar has stated that lightning can cause local magnetic field reversals.214/170-181 Thus, we do not have a global planetary reversal of magnetic fields, but rather local reversal of magnetic fields which did not take long periods of time to come about.98/3

The Apostle Peter wrote about the world wide Genesis flood:

"Know this first of all, that in the last days mockers will come with their mocking, following after their own lusts, and saying, ‘Where is the promise of His coming? For ever since the fathers fell asleep, all continues just as it was from the beginning of creation.’ For when they maintain this, it escapes their notice that by the word of God the heavens existed long ago and the earth was formed out of water and by water, through which the world at that time was destroyed, being flooded with water. But the present heavens and earth by His word are being reserved for fire, kept for the day of judgment and destruction of ungodly men. . . . The Lord is not slow about His promise, as some count slowness, but is patient toward you, not wishing for any to perish but for all to come to repentance." (2 Peter 3:3-9)

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