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The Time Is Now!

Section 7, Chapter 5

Absolutely Reliable

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*Apollo Asteroids

Concerning the Apollo asteroids in our Solar System, the time between collisions of these asteroids with the earth can be called the half-life. This means that in one period of time, or one half-life, half the asteroids of the Apollo group will collide with the earth. In another such period, half the remaining asteroids will collide with the earth and so on. Running this backwards, One half-life ago there were twice as many asteroids in the Apollo group as there are now. Another half-life, twice as many again. Going back 4.5 billion years ago, the total mass of Apollo asteroids would have been 100 times the mass of the Sun! This is not possible. What we know tangibly and Measurably concerning the Apollo Asteroid group tells us plainly that we have a very young solar system, not an old one.200/50


The visible part of a comet, its tail, is about 100,000 miles in diameter and is made up of dust and gas evaporated from the comet as it passes the sun. The solid part of the comet can only be seen when it is far away from the sun. No one knows for sure what comets are made of, but it is estimated that a comet looses about 1/200 of its mass each time it passes the Sun. This indicates that a comet like Halley’s, which passes the Sun often, would be exhausted after only 10,000 years or so. Short period comets have always been so, indicating a several thousand year old Solar System, not in the billions of years.200/58-60

*Interplanetary Dust

In orbit around the Sun is a cloud of dust flattened into a disk in the plane of the ecliptic. This can be seen shortly before sunrise and just after sunset as the Sun reflects off of it. The light reflected off these dust particles indicates that they are .00004 inches in diameter. Particles this small can be influenced by the pressure of Sun light. The Poynting-Robertson effect tends to slow these particles down so that they gradually spiral in towards the Sun. This process cleans the solar system of this dust. Based on measurable figures, we know that this dust should be completely cleaned from our Solar System within about 10,000 years. Its continued existence gives absolute evidence of a young Solar system, not an old one.202/170

*Solar Dust

It is a well known scientific fact that dust particles enter the earth’s atmosphere from space at an essentially constant rate. Hans Peterson has made accurate measurements of this influx and has determined that the earth receives about 14 million tons per year. If the earth is 4.5 billion years old as evolutionists insist, there should be a layer of meteoritic dust that is about 182 feet thick all over the world! This of course does not exist anywhere.

This should also be the case on the moon. When the astronauts landed on the moon and walked on to the surface of the moon, they stepped into one-eighth of an inch of dust. NASA honestly believed that the astronauts would sink out of sight as was demonstrated in the 1963 movie The Mouse on the Moon. They did not. Further evidence of a young solar system, not an old.196/277


*The Earth’s Magnetic Field

Magnetic Field Illustrations

The earth has a magnetic field which is losing its energy exponentially. In 1835 Carl Gouse of Germany for the first time in history measured the earth’s geo-magnetic field. In 1839 he begin to measure it regularly the rest of his life.331/14 After his life others took up the task and we have 164 years of data in the U.S. publishing office in Washington, D.C. giving historically the actual calculations of the strength of the earth’s magnetic field in any of these 166 (2005) years.

Dr. Thomas Barns, who was head of the physics department of the University of Texas in Elpaso, took this data and put it into a computer and found that not only is the magnetic field of the earth losing its intensity and extending its lines because it is limber, looser because it is losing energy, but Dr. Barns put this data into a computer and found that we are losing this energy exponentially.332/171 This is extremely significant for the reason that it also tells us something about the strength of the magnetic field in earth’s past. According to these calculations, the strength of the magnetic field doubled about every 1400 years going backward in time with an exponential decay. That means that if you go back as far as ten-thousand years ago, the intensity of the earth’s magnetic field would have been so powerful that enzymes necessary for life processes and enzymes inside the functioning cell could not have held together due to the intensity of that energy. If you go back as far as fifteen to twenty-thousand years ago the energy of the earth’s geo-magnetic field would have approximated that of a magnetic star. As a result many of the atoms of the earth could not have held together. What is the significance of this data? The significance of this data is that the earth could not be billions of years old with life dating back billions of years. The data indicates a very young earth not more than 10,000 years ago. This supports the Bible’s record and the genealogy of man’s existence on the earth not being more than 6,000 years.

The rotation of the earth is gradually slowing down. Dr. Huse states concerning this,

"If the earth is billions of years old, as uniformitarian geologists insist, and it has been slowing down uniformly, then its present rotation should be zero! Furthermore, if we extrapolate backwards for several billion years, the centrifugal force would have been so great that the continents would have been sent to the equatorial regions and the overall shape of the earth would have been a flat pancake. But, as is commonly known, the shape of the earth is spherical; its continents are not confined to the equatorial regions, and it continues to rotate on its axis at approximately 1,000 miles per hour at the equator. The obvious conclusion is that the earth is not billions of years old."191/25

*The Earth’s Magnetic Field
   Essential For Life Processes

The earth’s geomagnetic field is extremely important. It is essential for life processes. An outstanding Russian scholar and an American scholar Robert Obeker, a Nobel candidate, have collectively provided some impeccable data to show that all biological systems function on the energy of the earth’s magnetic field.333/61 The exchange of information on the cellular level is both chemical and electromagnetic.334/55 One reason today we have a decay in episodes of life and functions of life is that we are losing the strength of that magnetic field.335/39 Without this field in sufficient strength, we don’t have sufficient chemical and electromagnetic communication on the cellular level.336/103

A Junior high school student suggested to NASA to do a very important experiment. She suggested that they incrementally fertilized 64 chicken eggs. She suggested that they keep thirty-two of these in a control on earth and send thirty-two of these into space on the shuttle.337/46, 316/61 She further suggested that four of these eggs be fertilized a couple of days before the shuttle is launched and that two remain on earth and two go with the shuttle.339/248

They did this. They kept thirty-two eggs on earth and sent the other thirty-two eggs in space above the influence of the geomagnetic field and the earth’s gravity. When they brought the eggs back, all eggs that were in the control chamber on earth hatched and all the eggs on the shuttle hatched except the two eggs fertilized two days before the launch. This means that Mitosis in the division of the cell to function properly requires the earth’s magnetic field.340/1

*Granite Rapid Forming

On Day number three of creation, Elohim said: ". . . let the dry land394 appear; and it was so." The dry land involved the entire infrastructure, it involves the core of the earth, the surface structure and it involves particularly the granite structure.341/199, 342/68

According to the evolutionary model this granite which is world wide, which today averages eight to sixteen miles in thickness depending on whether it has been crumbled into mountain formations or is underlying the basic strata of the earth, took three-hundred-million years to crystallize. But according to the Biblical record on day number three, God said let the dry land appear and it appeared instantly.

What does the tangible evidence of science show? Dr. Robert Gentry showed that the circular rings of energy found in the granite were left by polonium 218, 210 and 214.395 The half-life of polonium 210 is twenty-two days. After seven-half lives all of this particular radio active material is gone. If this were the case, the granite could not be more than a couple of weeks in forming into a crystalline structure. Dr. Gentry, however, also found hallows of polonium 218. The half-life of polonium 218 is less than three minutes. All the polonium 218 in a body of polonium 218 would be gone in twenty minutes. Therefore, in a manner of minutes that granite would have to be intact completely formed. But it gets even better still. Dr. Gentry also found polonium 214 whose half-life is 0.0000164 seconds, 16.4 microseconds. With in seven half-lives this would be gone. This means that faster than you could snap a finger, all the polonium 214 would be gone. This means that the crystallized structure would have to be functional and recording in a very brief period of time. Therefore the Genesis account of God speaking the dry land into existence has to be literal and especially within the third day.

Sir Fredric Hoyle stated, "Observing the universe, I have to believe it is an intellectual structure. I am looking at not mere chance, it is designed, it is orchestrated."92/141-144 Frank Tipler, interviewed in Omni Magazine, stated, "If you do a consistent physical analysis, God just falls out. He is there in an intrinsic essential way, not just put in there to cover our ignorance."396/109 This is a man who was an atheist who wrote in various journals about his atheism. But now he has done an about face in light of the evidence. George Ellis, co-author with Stephen Hawking of the large scale structure of space-time, one of the world’s great physicists and astrophysicists stated, "The construction of nature points to a purposeful designer."397

*Petroleum and Natural Gas

Petroleum and natural gas are contained under high pressure under impermeable cap rock. Presently known calculations of the permeability of the cap rock reveal that the oil and gas pressures could not be maintained for much longer than 10,000 years in many instances. This totally contradicts the evolutionary assumption that first these oil and gas deposits were made over millions of years. If they had been, there would be no reservoir of oil and gas for us to discover. It would be completely absorbed in the surrounding rock.192/159


Evolutionists propose that coal was formed millions of years before man evolved; yet, human skeletons and artifacts, such as gold chains, have been found in coal deposits. Soon after man’s beginning, Genesis Chapter 4 tells us that metal working was already highly developed. The flood spoken of in Genesis Chapters 7 and 8 tell us that civilizations were buried in sedimentary layers of the earth’s crust.198/163 This is the explanation for oil and gas deposits and for human skeletons and artifacts being found in coal deposits and fossil layers.

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