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Jewish Feasts
And Their Significance


 Jewish Feasts
And Their Significance

Star of David

Taken From:

Grant R. Jeffrey's book: Armageddon. Toronto, Ontario, Canada:
Frontier Research Publications, © 1997 by Grant R. Jeffrey

Seven Jewish Feasts

  1. Nisan 14 (Apr) — Passover Supper — the Last Supper
  2. Nisan 15 — The Feast of Unleavened Bread — Jesus Crucifixion on this day
  3. Nisan 17 — The Feast of First Fruits — Jesus Resurrection took place on this day
  4. Sivan 6 (May) — The Feast of Pentecost — the Holy Spirit given on this day
  5. Tishri 1 (Sept) — The Feast of Trumpets — This day will be celebrated in the Millennium Kingdom
  6. Tishri 10 — The Day of AtonementJesus will be revealed as King on this day
  7. Tishri 15 (Oct) — The Feast of TabernaclesJesus’ Birth & Millennium Rule starts on this day

Nisan 1 (Mar)
Jewish New Year
Cleansing & New Beginning

Our Mid March, on this day:

  1. The dedication of the Tabernacle during the exodus (2 years after, Exodus 40:2, 33-34)
  2. The cleansing of the Temple by Hezekiah (2 Chron 29:23).
  3. Ezra and the exiles begin there return to Jerusalem from Babylon (Nisan 1, 457 BC, Ezra 7:9)
  4. The decree is given to Nehemiah to rebuild the walls of Jerusalem by the Persian King Artaxerxes Longimanus in Nisan 1, 445 BC (Nehemiah 2:1-8).
  5. The Millenial Temple will be cleansed on Nisan 1 (Ezekiel 45:18).

Nisan 10 (Mar)
Passover Sanctification

On this day:

  1. The sanctification of the Passover Lamb during the Exodus (Exodus 12:3-6)
  2. Israel crossed the Jordan River and entered the promised land 40 years later (Joshua 4:9)
  3. Jesus Christ Our Passover Lamb was cut off on this day, Palm Sunday, by the Priests and political system and crucified on Nisan 14 (Dan 9:26)
  4. God gave Ezekiel a vision of the Millennial Temple (Ezekiel 40:1-2)

Nisan 14 (Apr)
Passover Supper

On this day:

  1. God makes a Covenant with Abraham concerning the promised land. On Nisan 14 and 430 years exactly after this promise, Israel left Egypt for the promised land.
  2. The Passover Supper eaten in preparation for the Exodus (Exodus 12:14)
  3. The First Passover — the Covenant renewed (Gen 17:10-11, Joshua 5:3, 8; 5:11-12)
  4. The Book of the Law found and reaffirmed under King Josiah (2 Chron 34:2-14). The first thing he did as a result was to celebrate the Passover Feast on Nisan 14 in obedience to God.
  5. The dedication of the Second Temple in Nisan 14, 515 BC and celebration of Passover (Ezra 6:16-19)
  6. Jesus celebrated the Last Supper with His disciples and Jesus offers a New Covenant (Luke 22:19-20)

Nisan 15-21 (Apr)
The Feast of
Unleavened Bread


This occurs the day after Passover Supper and lasts 7 days. Israel eats bread without leaven (symbol-sin) (Lev 23:6-7, 10-11). They left Egypt in a hurry—no time for leaven in bread. The unleavened bread symbolized the purging out of the sins of pagan Egypt (1 Cor 5:7-8).

  1. The Exodus from bondage to Egypt began (Ex 12:14)
  2. Jesus Crucifixion — Our Passover Lamb
  3. The final fall of the Jewish resistance at Massada in Nisan 15, 72 AD

Nisan 17 (Apr)
The Day of First Fruits

Third of the Seven Feasts. Israel brings the first fruits of the harvest into God’s house to acknowledge Him as their source (Exod 23:19). 4 historical events happened on this day:

  1. Noah’s Ark rested on Mount Ararat (Gen 8:4), first fruits of a new beginning.
  2. Israel miraculously crosses over the Red Sea (Exod 14:13-14). First fruits of a new nation reborn from the bondage of Egypt.
  3. Israel eats the first fruits of the promised land (Josh 5:10-12). Nisan 16 last day God reined Manna. On Nisan 17 Israel ate the first fruits of the promised land. This is celebrated by Israel to this day.
  4. Jesus Christ rose from the dead (1 Cor 15:20). Jesus was crucified on Nisan 15 and on Nisan 17 rose from the dead—first fruits of all other resurrections.

Sivan 6 (May)
The Feast of Pentecost

Theme: a new revelation of God’s will. Historically on this day:

  1. God gave Moses the Law on Mount Sinai.
  2. God gave the Church the Holy Spirit.

Took place 50 days after Feast of First-Fruits; thus, why called Pentecost which means 50. All Jewish males were required to celebrate it at the temple in Jerusalem. It celebrates the giving of the Torah. Jewish tradition teaches that King David was born and died on this day, and that Enoch was taken up to heaven on this day (Gen 5:24).

Tammuz 17 (July)
Fast of Mourning

There are four fasts of mourning Israel practices established to commemorate tragedies in connection with the destruction of the Temple and the city of Jerusalem when the Babylonian army conquered Israel in successive invasions from 606 BC to 587 BC.

The fast of mourning on Tammuz 17 is a three week period of mourning leading to the Fast of Tisha Be-av on Av 9 (July).

Four spiritually significant events happened on Tammuz 17:

  1. Moses broke the tablets of the Law when he sees Israel’s idolatry.
  2. Babylon breaks through the walls of Jerusalem and stops the daily sacrifices.
  3. Rome attacks the Temple Mount
      forcing the priests to stop the daily

  4. Declaration of Independence
declared in America July 4, 1776.

This broke the bond with Britan and opened up America as a home for Jewish refugees. Favor for Israel that eventually lead to her rebirth as a nation on May 14, 1948.

Av 9 (July)
Fast of Tisha Be-Av

Zechariah 7:5 — This is a day of mourning and remembrance of Israel’s loss of their first temple. Eight disasters in the history of Israel have occurred on this day:

  1. The twelve spies returned with their report of the promised land, ten are negative. Israel loses faith and is condemned to die in the wilderness (Num 14).
  2. The First Temple was destroyed by the Babylonians in 587 BC (Jer 52:5-14).
  3. The Second Temple was destroyed by the soldiers of Rome in AD 70 (Dan 19:26).
  4. Jerusalem in AD 71 was plowed by the Roman Army and salted (Micah 3:12).
  5. Simeon Bar Cochba’s army is destroyed by Rome in AD 135.
  6. On July 18, 1290 England expelled all of the Jews from their country.
  7. On August 12, 1492 Spain expelled all Jews and Christopher Columbus, part Jew, headed for America.
  8. Russia in WW1 launched persecutions against the Jews.

Four Feasts
Fulfilled in Jesus

  1. Nisan 14 — Passover Supper — the Last Supper
  2. Nisan 15 — The Feast of Unleavened Bread — Jesus Crucifixion on this day
  3. Nisan 17 — The Feast of First Fruits — Jesus Resurrection took place on this day
  4. Sivan 6 — The Feast of Pentecost — the Holy Spirit given on this day

Three More Feast
To Consider

These will be prophetically fulfilled at the climax of the battle of Armageddon and the ushering in of the Millennium.

  5. Tishri 1 (Sept) — The Feast of
— This day will be
      celebrated in the Millennium
6. Tishri 10 (Sept) — The Day of
Jesus will be
      revealed as King on this day.
  7. Tishri 15 (Oct) — The Feast of
Jesus’ Birth &
      Millennium Rule starts on this day.

Tishri 1 (Sept)
The Feast of Trumpets

This occurs on Tishri 1 in the Fall (Sept.-Oct.). On this day the High Priest blows the ram’s horn (the Shofar rp/v) announcing the beginning of the New Year. Jewish Tradition gives this day a fourfold meaning:

  1. New Years day.
  2. The day of remembrance.
  3. The day of judgment.
  4. The day of blowing the Shofar.

On this day Isaiah 60-61 is read in the Synagogues to teach the lesson that eventually the Lord will be revealed as King and be accepted as the ruler of the world.

Tishri 10 (Sept)
The Day of Atonement
Every 50 years 
The Year of Jubilee (Lev 25)

On this day:

  1. Aaron, the High Priest, made atonement for Israel.
  2. On October, 1973 Israel was saved from annihilation when the Arabs overran their defenses in the Yom Kippur War.
  3. The possible date when Israel will mourn as they see their Messiah whom they have pierced.

Tishri 15 (Oct)
The Feast of Tabernacles

Instituted by God at the end of the fruit harvest (Sept -Oct). Jewish men required to attend feast in Jerusalem. During this 7 day feast the people are to live in booths made of branches to remember their brethren made to live in booths in the wilderness for 40 years (Lev 23:33-34, 42-43). On each day they are to sacrifice 14 lambs without blemish (Num 29:15, 32).

On this day:

  1. Tishri 15, 1005 BC the dedication of Solomon’s Temple (2 Chron 5:2-3, 1 Kings 8:1-2).
  2. Jesus Christ was born, October 1± (John 1:14). He was born on the Feast of Tabernacles Tishri 15, Crucified on the Feast of Unleavened Bread Nisan 15, and sent the Holy Spirit on the Feast of Pentecost Sivan 6. Jesus was conceived on the date of December 25.
  3. Jesus Millennium Rule begins on this day Tishri 15 (Zech 14).

During this reign of Jesus all the nations of the earth will be required to come to Jerusalem and worship Him and celebrate The Feast of Tabernacles (Zech 14:16-21). Those that do not will be punished by Jesus stopping the rain over them. This will be celebrated by all men because this will be the day Jesus returns and delivers all men from a terrible holocaust brought on by men.

On this day Zechariah 14:1-21 is read in all Synagogues because it promises Israel’s final Messianic deliverance from persecution and the beginning of the prophesied kingdom.

Chisleu 25 (Dec)
The Feast of Hanukkah

Not one of the appointed feasts, but celebrated because it commemorates the cleansing and rededication of the Second Temple in 165 BC. On the day before Israel has witnessed four major historical events:

  1. In 520 BC the foundation of the Second Temple was laid.
  2. In 168 BC Antiochus stopped the Temple Sacrifices.
  3. In 165 BC the Temple recaptured and cleansed.
  4. In AD 1917 Jerusalem freed from Turkish rule.
  5. Possible date for the miraculous defeat of Russian invasion: Gog and Magog.

Seven Feasts of God
How they relate to Jesus Christ

1. The Blood of Jesus
The Passover of the Lord

2. Fellowship and Communion with God
    Feast: The Feast of Unleavened Bread

3. Jesus has Risen!  He is Alive!
    Feast: The Feast of First Fruits

4. The Promise of the Holy Spirit
    Feast: The Feast of Pentecost

5. Go Tell The World
    Feast: The Feast of Trumpets

6. Atonement of Jesus is Everlasting
    Feast: The Day of Atonement

7. The Return of Jesus
    Feast: The Feast of Tabernacles
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