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Wounds Inflicted by Satanists or Demons

Wounds that Don’t Heal
Brush Acid
Demon Byte Wounds
Satan’s Web
Demonic LUD.’s
Dental inserts

*Wounds that Don’t Heal

    If a wound does not heal in the normal amount of time, it may be a demonic wound. Anoint it with oil, bind and command the demonic forces related to leave, and then cleanse the wound with alcohol. Finally apply whatever medical ointment you or your doctor deem is best.

*Brush Acid

    Those skilled in astral-projection use this preparation extensively. It is simply a mixture of hydrochloric acid (occasionally some other kind of acid is used) mixed with agar. Hydrochloric acid burns the skin just the same as a flame. It is easily obtainable from any laboratory supply house. Agar is a thickening agent ,which is used as a basic ingredient for mediums used to grow bacteria in any laboratory. It is cheap and easily available. Agar thickens any solution similar to gelatin. The agaracid mixture is about the consistency of runny jello. It is clear and easy to apply to any surface. Anyone brushing against the acid, or getting their hands into it can receive a severe acid burn. Satanists astral-project and put this brush acid on such things as car door handles, door knobs of homes, counter tops, etc. Those extremely skilled in astral-projection can carry the brush acid and directly place it, or brush it, onto a person in the physical realm. The physical person cannot see the spirit carrying the acid, and the acid cannot burn a spirit. (I know this sounds really farfetched to those who have never been in the craft, but those who have served Satan know that what I am writing is true.) People use it in the physical realm also, of course. We have most frequently found it on the handles of our car doors. It is simple to remove by flushing with water, but you CANNOT touch it with your bare skin. We usually flush the area with plenty of water and then wash it with soap and water and then anoint it with oil. If you receive a burn from such a source, you should immediately flush the affected part with copious amounts of water and then anoint it with oil as I have described. Then treat the resulting burn the same as you would any other burn. Satanist will also inject this in toothpaste and other medicine jars and tubes. Also be careful of any unusual insect bites. Demons can use spiders and such, but do not do so commonly. If you suspect demonic involvement in an insect bite, simply cover the bite with oil and command the demons to leave. Demonic insect bites will always produce a much more severe reaction and inflammation than a normal insect bite.

*Demon Byte Wounds

    Demon byte wounds. They show up on the skin as a physical bite mark, or sometimes a pattern of tiny spots of red, called petechiae, in a circular pattern. These, too, are simply treated by anointing with oil.

    Another type of demonic wound that is very common is a physical injury for which you have no memory of its origin. Frequently it is a significant cut somewhere and one will have no memory of when the cut occurred. Normally an injury of this type would cause enough pain that one would clearly remember when they got it. This is treated by anointing with oil and asking the Lord to heal it and then binding any demons related and commanding them to go.


    Occult poisons are ALL mixed with demons and demonic powers. Therefore, there are two things to be dealt with: the physical poison and the demons. Some common substances which are available in most any occultic bookstore are not, in themselves, very toxic. But, when combined with special incantations, they can be deadly. Others are very deadly and must be ordered “under-the-counter” in occult bookstores or through occultic supply houses.

    Some of the common substances used in poison potions are:

Ova ursi oil
Valerain root
Vervain oil
Quick silver (mercury)

Tannis root
Ginseng root
Double-cross powder (cyanide)

    Unfortunately, as modern scientific technology progresses, witchcraft takes advantage of all the advances. One of the most significant is the use of DMSO. DMSO stands for Dimethylsulfoxide. This is a chemical that was developed originally for use in horses. It is an excellent anti-inflammatory agent. It is rubbed on strained ligaments, inflamed joints, etc. In 1988 it was finally approved by the FDA for use in humans. DMSO has one property that makes it particularly valuable to the occultist and to drug users. It is absorbed through the skin into the blood stream within twenty seconds. Thus, most anything mixed with DMSO is ALSO absorbed through the skin into the blood stream in twenty seconds. The occultists love to mix their various poisons with DMSO. The unfortunate person who then gets the solution on his/her skin gets into trouble very quickly. DMSO is readily available at most any veterinary supply store. Frequently the poisons and DMSO are mixed with gum arabic to make it more sticky and harder to get off the skin.

    Be carefull If you suspect a poison has been placed anywhere within your reach, use rubber gloves to handle the article and to wash off the substance. If you have put your hands into something that contains DMSO, wash the area GENTLY with copious amounts of water and then withsoap and water. If you rub your skin hard with DMSO, blisters will be raised on your skin and the rate of adsorption will be increased. You can be alerted to the fact that you have gotten into DMSO by the fact that, as it is absorbed through your skin into your bloodstream, you will experience a peculiar smell similar to that of oysters or fish as the DMSO travels in your blood through your nose. Many times you will also experience a taste of fish as well.

    Some poisons also come in powdered form and can be placed on paper or on gummed stickers or labels. The poisons can be absorbed through your skin from the paper, or taken into your body by licking the stickers, etc. There have been cases of children poisoned with LSD through gummed stickers or stars which they licked to stick on their papers, or through stamps.

    One characteristic common to most all occult poisonings is that the symptoms of the illness frequently come on every day at the same time as the poisoning occurred. Such things as intense headaches, muscle aches, fever, weakness, etc. Also, it will frequently get worse at sunset as the demons become much more active at dusk and throughout the night.

    Some of the most powerful poisoning incantations come out of writings called the “Grimories.” These are very old books that were written by the alchemists of the middle ages in Europe. They were the “scientists” who tried to turn common substances into gold, and bring life out of inanimate substances. They were, in reality, very powerful sorcerers. These volumes are still available today, for a price, but are strictly under-the-counter type materials.

    The three common demons used in the various poisoning incantations from the Grimories are:

1. VALEFOR, king of all occult medicine and death. Valefor cannot be called up without a human sacrifice.

2. ALLOCES, king of torment.

3. ANDRES, lord of swift destruction -- especially mentally.

    Occultic poisonings that are mostly all demonic have limited time intervals in which they can work. These are governed by the astrological signs AND astronomy. Most poison incantations are done at the rise of a particular planet, such as Saturn, and run out when the planet sets. This is usually a period of one to three months. If it is a bad time of the year for the stars, they will use a more deadly physical poison. The demonic portion of a poisoning can be rebuked and driven away by prayer and a simple anointing with oil. But the effects of the physical poisons can be lasting. You can further protect yourself by praying over everything you drink or eat first by asking the Lord to purify and sanctify it according to I Timothy 4:4-5. Mark 16:17-18.

1 Timothy 4:4-5 “For everything created by God is good, and nothing is to be rejected, if it is received with gratitude; for it is sanctified by means of the word of God and prayer.”

Mark 16:17-17 “And these signs will accompany those who have believed: in My name they will cast out demons; they will speak with new tongues; they will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it shall not hurt them; they will lay hands on the sick, and they will recover.”

    In purely demonic poisonings, many times the person can actually feel a burning or tingling sensation traveling up his/her arm immediately after getting their fingers in a poison, or getting something such as a splinter in their hand. You MUST anoint immediately with oil to stop the spread of demonic power into the rest of their body. You must apply the oil like a tourniquet above the level of the spread of demonic power, and then drive the demons down and out of the extremity.

    If the person is alone and does not have someone to help them, they should apply the “oil tourniquet” first, then wash the area thoroughly to remove any physical poison, or remove the splinter or insert, and then drive the demons down and out of the extremity by using the oil.

    If you are involved in helping people out of the craft, don’t eat at the same restaurant every time, regularly change your routine. This is because Satanists will do what they can to poison your food. It is best to eat in smorgasbords or buffets since it is impossible for them to point all of the food.


    Inserts are just about anything that gets inserted under the skin or into the body that has a demon, and sometimes physical poisons (the most common is cyanide or mercury) attached to it.

    Not only is it impossible to completely clear a person of demons while these inserts are still in place, but the demons associated with the inserts frequently cause amnesia. The person will sometimes be unable to remember all of the inserts they have, and/or important rituals in which they have participated.

    As you look at other cultures around the world, you will find the use of inserts everywhere. For example, Hindu women in India frequently wear a particular gem or stone imbedded in the skin in the center of their forehead. This is the position of the “third eye” (see chapter 10). This links them with their god and supposedly gives them special vision into the spirit world. Various African tribes are well-known for pieces of bone inserted into their noses, ears or lips.


    Nail-pins are basically the same as push-pins. They are inserted into the bed of the finger nails or toe nails. Most commonly, the finger nails. They have the same functions as the push-pins.

*Satan’s Web

    Satan’s web is a piece of fine silky material about two by three inches in size. It is swallowed in a ritual. The web is placed as sort of a time bomb which goes off if the person ever turns against Satan. It produces an intense acid in the stomach and will eventually destroy the stomach completely. It produces all sorts of severe stomach pain and even bleeding, but little is found on physical examination because the process is purely demonic. The Satan’s web must be specifically renounced and the person must ask the Lord to completely remove it. Once this is done, the symptoms quickly disappear.


    Crystals are extremely small and are actually demonic parasites. Although they are crystalline in nature, they are a living parasite. I have seen these under a microscope. They are usually inserted behind the ear drum, into the blood stream, or simply under the skin. They are about the size of one to three grains of salt. Some are red, some are white. In the craft, the red crystals are frequently called the “red devil’s crystals.” If a woman has a baby that is delivered on a satanic altar, or in the presence of other satanists, these crystals are often inserted into the artery and veins of the umbilical cord of the baby as the cord is cut. Both the baby and the mother are affected demonically by the crystals. It is not possible to completely clear someone of demons until these crystals are specifically renounced and the Lord is asked to remove them. If possible, they should be physically removed. They are capable of creating devastating illness, even death within four to six months of placement.

*Demonic LUD.’s

    Demonic I.U.D.s are often placed through various procedures. These may be made of metal, but they always have a demonic component. Both the metal and the demons must be removed. In fact, I have been told by more than one high ranking satanist who has turned to Jesus, that the whole concept of the intrauterine devices were devised by craft doctors in the first place. (One of these was a man who was a physician who participated in extensive research in the various Satanic medical procedures. He also told me that much research is currently going on that makes what was done in Hitler’s concentration camps look like nothing.) An I.U.D. does not prevent conception. It prevents implantation of the early fetus in the uterus. In essence, it causes an abortion. The craft doctors considered these I.U.D.—caused abortions to be sacrifices to Satan. The I.U.D. went over big at first, but quickly many women started having major problems with them. Heavy bleeding, cancer, etc. Finally, the government withdrew approval for them because of these problems.

    Any Christian woman who has an I.U.D. should have it physically removed and then close the doorway. Remember, all abortions are human sacrifices to Satan. If you have had an I.U.D., you should ask the Lord for forgiveness and cleansing and then command all demons that came into you through the I.U.D. and I.U.D.—caused abortions to leave you at once in the name of Jesus.

*Dental inserts

    Dental inserts are common amongst the higher satanists. These are usually computer chips that can literally be traced by satellite. Thus, until these are removed, the person can be traced anywhere in the world. Their location is known at all times.


    Many different demonic things are implanted in people through “ritual sex.” During ritual sex, usually a female is placed on an altar and/or is used as the altar. This person is then sexually used by humans, demons or animals. I have found that complete deliverance is not possible until episodes of ritual sex are renounced and every demon kicked out that was placed into the person during the rituals. Many times push-pins are placed in various areas of the reproductive tract during these rituals. Commonly, children abused in Satanic rituals describe “hot needles” being placed in various areas of their genital and reproductive tracts. They are describing inserts.

    The simplest way to deal with these is by asking the Lord to burn out or remove these pins or implants, and by commanding every demon associated with the implants to leave in the name of Jesus Christ. Then pray and ask the Lord to heal their memories.

    Splinters of wood or metal are most commonly used. Demons are experts at handling these. Again, most often the wound seems to be “just an accident.” However, the consequences can be very grave.

    In the case of inserts, the demons CANNOT be removed from the person until the physical substance placed under the skin is removed.

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